Peaches and Grits

No recipes today. I just want to share a day that featured peaches and grits with fresh baked bagels in between.

Saturday morning now begin with a quick visit to the North Union market in Shaker Heights.

Here are some peaches I picked up there.


Kim and I used to go when we lived on 128th street. The market started up while we lived over there and we would walk over now and then. And then it became less and less.

I don’t know why. Meals taste so much better when we cook close to the ground.

And so this morning I picked up lettuce I’d ordered ahead, skipped the week from the couple that raises and sells mushrooms, picked up fruit from one of our CSAs, tomatoes, peppers, pea shoots, and onions from another, and traded in my glass milk bottle for a full one.

It was at this last stop that I spotted the first local corn I’ve seen this summer. I bought four ears.

And then I remembered Maggie was meeting a friend for dinner - don’t worry, it’s a “bring your own food and site safely apart” dinner.

Anyway, she wouldn’t be home so I thought I’d cook up some Jimmy Red grits from Geetchie Boy Mills. I worked with a chef who liked to add different forms of the same food to accent the flavors so I cut the kernels off one of the ears of corn and sauteed them in butter until they got nice and fragrant.

So that’s what you see down on the plate first. Corn grits accented with fresh corn. In the center is left-over chili from the other night when Maggie felt like Chili-dogs.


We finished the hot dog rolls I made for that occasion which is why I made some bagels after the trip to the farmers’ market while I waited for the freshly rinsed fruit and vegetables to dry off.

I can’t imagine a much nicer day;