• Pasta

    I saw a tweet from a friend who loves to cook at home and to eat out. He said that his family hadn’t eaten food prepared elsewhere since March. I’ve seen similar posts from others.

  • Mushrooms Bulgogi

    The last time Maggie visited she had a taste for Korean food. I told her that if she could find me recipes I would give them a shot.

  • Giardiniera

    The last time I made giardiniera it was more of a traditional one. I left out the cauliflower because I leave it in the jar. I mixed peppers, carrots, celery, onion, and radish (I had some on hand), and green olives.

  • Green Tomatoes

    I have a problem during summertime when vegetables and herbs are fresh.

  • Pesto and Orzo

    One of the things I miss the most during this pandemic is going to the grocery store four or five times a week and looking at what is fresh or catches my fancy.

  • Peaches and Grits

    No recipes today. I just want to share a day that featured peaches and grits with fresh baked bagels in between.

  • Refried Beans

    If you’ve never made your own refried beans, you may be surprised that it’s much easier to make than you expect. (Also, it’s not really fried.)

  • Instant Pot Yogurt

    Berry season is my favorite time to enjoy yogurt. It turns out, that it is very easy to make yogurt at home.

  • Italian Mushrooms

    I was looking to replicate the idea of a Chicago Italian beef sandwich but with the mushrooms i had in the house. This came close.

  • Sub Rolls

    Whether you call them Sub sandwiches, Hoagies, Hero’s or Grinders - for me the most important component is the roll. It has to have just the right mix of firmness and softness.

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