Green Tomatoes

I have a problem during summertime when vegetables and herbs are fresh.

They look so good that I buy more than I need and I just can’t keep up with everything.

This summer I started pickling vegetables - it started with cucumber dills and giardiniera thanks to a post by Ben Schierman.

So this week I had plenty of dill in my garden and green tomatoes from my CSA so I quick pickled them.

Green Tomatoes

I had enough tomatoes for a quart jar so I sliced them and cut the slices in half.

There’s a few sprigs of dill, three minced garlic cloves, and a teaspoon of black pepper corns on the bottom.

Boil equal parts water and white vinegar (about 2/3 cup each) with a tablespoon and a half of salt.

Pack the tomatoes in the jar and pour the brine over the top.

Seal and refrigerate.

Meanwhile I started a pepper giardiniera that I’ll write about once I jar it in two days.